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7 Amazing Benefits Of Painting

Benefits Of Painting

Not only does painting bring aesthetic effects but it also helps improve your skills. Here are 7 great effects of painting that you have probably never heard before: 1. Memory training Nowadays, technology and engineering are rapidly growing, people are busier and have less time to relax, think and remember. The painting will help us […]

How Does Painting Teach Us About Management Skills?

How Does Painting Teach Us About Management Skills

Painting is not only about making you relax, improving your creativity but it also helps you have a deeper understanding of life. Moreover, it can even help you become a talented project manager. That is the sincere sharing of Daniel Herman – a product manager at ironSource after he attended an art class. “Painting for […]

Vietnamese Lacquer Painting with Installation Art

Lacquer has been known as a traditional material of Vietnamese painting and used in the visual arts since the early 20th century. Nowadays, lacquer still has an important position in Vietnamese art. The combination of Vietnamese lacquer painting and installation art Currently, in addition to traditional lacquer painting, this material has appeared in many other […]

Beauty & Meaning of Lotus in Vietnamese Art

Beauty and Meaning of Lotus in Vietnamese Art

Lotus in Vietnamese architectural decoration In terms of architecture, a building must meet three requirements: the functional requirement, the technical requirement and the artistic requirement. These three elements are always closely related. A design work that has all three elements is considered successful. The lotus image has become one of the icons in the design […]

The Traditional Materials in Vietnamese Painting

The Traditional Materials in Vietnamese Painting

The French have had long-term and systematic research about Vietnamese people and culture since long time ago. They discovered the virtue of industriousness of Vietnamese through sophisticated handicraft products. In addition, they also focused on training Vietnamese artists towards using indigenous materials and folk-influenced shaping method. Vietnam wood carvings painting Before the appearance of Indochina […]

To Ngoc Van’s Conception About Art

To Ngoc Van – Life & Careers From the first exhibition of To Ngoc Van in Sai Gon (17/12/1930) to the day when he passed away in Dien Bien Phu campaign (17/06/1954), his artistic life lasted for 24 years with 2 phases of composition 1930-1945 (before the August Revolution) and 1945-1954 (the war against France). […]

Sketching – The Art of The Moment

What is Sketching

With quick drawing style and typical simplicity, sketch paintings still have a very special appeal thanks to the spirit that is remembered and expressed by the talent of the artist. Hidden behind these sketches is also the special vibration of the artist. All the sadness, regret or life experiences are conveyed by the artists through […]

Cubism – The Revolution in Modern Paintings

Cubism - The Revolution in Modern Paintings

It was cubism that created a revolution in painting and sculpture in the early twentieth century. The movement did not last long and have great resonance in contemporary time, but it has become the basis for a great creative explosion throughout the flow of painting of the century. What is Cubism? Cubism has been considered […]