7 Amazing Benefits Of Painting

Benefits Of Painting

Not only does painting bring aesthetic effects but it also helps improve your skills. Here are 7 great effects of painting that you have probably never heard before:

1. Memory training

Nowadays, technology and engineering are rapidly growing, people are busier and have less time to relax, think and remember. The painting will help us to balance, reduce stress and improve memory. Psychologists said that what we draw is not the idea but it is usually the flashback and the most obvious expression for the memory and imagination of each person.

2. Improve Observation Skills

Improve Observation Skills

When you start learning to draw, you may draw strange and unclear figures. However, if you pay close attention to your painting, you will notice that there are details drawn very prominently. The psychologists said that this is a reflection of the world through our memory. Painting helps us gain a more profound understanding of life.

3. Enhance imaginationEnhance imagination

Drawing is a way to let your imagination fly. You can create your own world in painting. Creativity and sublimation can be used to solve problems in relationships and in the workplace.

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4. Help you feel elated and happy

Help you feel elated and happy

Diest Wehbe, a famous British educator, pointed out that it would be better to spend 1-hour drawing than spending 9 hours watching television. That’s why many psychologists often encourage their patients to paint because it is a very good treatment.
By the way of observation and analysis of the painting of each person, the expert will find the cause as well as the treatment for our psychological problems. For example, when you see a picture with rigid, overlapping lines and blurred colors, you may be in a bad mood. On the contrary, if you see a picture with harmonious lines, rich and sharp colors, it proves that your mentality is very stable.

5. Keep your brain active

Keep your brain active

When drawing, your brain has to work to perceive, define colors, shapes and space, which is good for intellectual development. In the process of drawing, your imagination will break the stereotype. After seeing the different angles, you will continue to be inspired to be creative.

6. Think multidimensionally

The use of colors and shapes is a way to improve memory, promote observation skill and nurture the imagination. You can not know these skills if you do not learn painting

7. The picture is the expression of emotion

The picture is the expression of emotion

Similar to music, dancing, painting is an art form and it expresses human emotions. Looking at an artwork, we can see the mood as well as the thoughts of a human being.