7 Tips For Hanging Pictures On The Wall

7 Tips For Hanging Pictures On The Wall

A beautiful painting may increase your home’s value but how to hang them in a beautiful way and make your space look more impressive is not as simple as you think.

1. Choose paintings suitable for your space

Do not buy the paintings first and then find a place to hang them. You should take a look at the room and determine which wall corner is suitable for hanging paintings. There are many different styles: lacquer paintings, wood paintings, watercolors paintings, oil paintings as well as many topics: landscape, portrait, still life, abstract. However, depending on the artistry of the home and interior style that you can choose the most beautiful and appropriate painting for your space.
Normally, each school of art fits an interior style. With a modern house, you should choose landscape painting with elegant color and not too fussy content. With a classic house, oil paintings and lacquer paintings will be very suitable but you have to put aesthetics on top.Hang Paintings Properly

2. The size of the painting must be flexible.

It must be so boring when all the paintings on the wall are the same size. There’s an exception that the artwork with content linking between each other or have the repetition in order to emphasize. But usually, three pictures are enough. On the other hand, the paintings with different sizes placed side by side will give the viewer a harmonious look.

3. Pay attention to the light

Light is the most essential factor to emphasize and embellish the beauty of the artwork. You should use a low voltage halogen lamp or incandescent light bulb to illuminate the painting. You should also pay attention to the capacity of the bulb and the distance from the build to the painting to avoid the heat of the bulb may damage the painting.Pay attention to the light when hanging paintings

4. Appropriate wall space and reasonable height

Do not be too greedy to hang too many paintings on the same wall to show off. They not only look confused but the general aesthetics of the house will be also affected. On a wall, the total hanging pictures area is never should be more than 1/3 of the total wall area. In addition, the reasonable height of the picture is when the main viewpoint of the picture is horizontal to the viewer’s eye. The picture should not be much higher than the eyesight to prevent the viewer from facing up when viewing the picture. For a common room with the height of 3m, the distance from the floor to the center of the painting is about 1.55m.
When hanging the picture in groups, the paintings can be hung in the rectangular group, horizontal group or vertical group, depending on the shape of the wall and the intention of the painting player. The appropriate distance between the edges of the painting is from 8 – 10 cm. In the case of paintings with different sizes, there are three ways to hang in groups: hanging the paintings with the same height of the bottom, the same height of the top or the same height of the center.

5. How to hang paintings properly?

Sometimes just a painting can light up a corner of a house or a room. The paintings are not only interior decoration but also express the style, knowledge as well as the depth and personality of the homeowner. However, it is necessary to know how to hang paintings, which can enhance the beauty of the picture.
Personal frames should be hung in private areas such as bedrooms, relaxation rooms or workrooms. This will not affect your other artworks. You should set aside a wall to capture the moment of your family so that all family members can be able to enjoy them.
Avoid hanging paintings in place that are directly affected by sunlight, where there is high temperature or humidity. The best way that art museums hang their paintings is that they use artificial light instead of natural sunlight. In that way, they can also adjust both the direction and amount of light into the picture.
For pictures in children’s rooms, the height of the painting must match the height of the child. It would be interesting to hang the pictures painted by the children themselves. The simple frame should be used and you should also replace the glass with mica to prevent the risk of children playing can easily drop the frames.Choose paintings suitable for your space

6. Do not intentionally use pictures to cover the interior defects

A false idea is that many people often use paintings as a cover of the wall’s defects. They also have this function if you hang them up in a well and balanced way. However, do not try to insert beautiful pictures into these positions, which will make the place look more confusing.

7. “Little is rare, rare is luxurious”

If you take advantage of this tip, your painting will become more precious and eye-catching. Pay attention to the two crossings of the wall intersection and take it as the central point to balance the place hanging pictures.

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