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artist nguyen binh son

Artist Nguyen Binh Son was born in 1984 in Nghe An, Vietnam. He graduated from the Faculty of Painting at Hue University of Arts in 2010. He is currently living and working in Hanoi. In addition to creating artistic lacquer paintings, painter Nguyen Binh Son is the Director at Dat Viet Fine Arts.

"The writing style is liberal, the spirit of creativity is high, works scientifically and seriously, based on many different materials, the transmission content is condensed, creative and easy to understand, easy to enter the inner world of the artist. enjoyers." That is the creative style of artist Nguyen Binh Son

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Nguyen Binh Son

Size: 160cm*90cm | 63 inches*35 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood

The Scene of Northwest Vietnam

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