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Artist Viet Huong, whose full name is Nguyen Viet Huong, was born in 1990 in Vietnam. In 2014, she graduated with a major in Painting from Vietnam University of Fine Arts. From a young age, she was passionate about painting and studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Hanoi College of Art. Currently, Viet Huong is a drawing teacher at a Fine Arts Center in Hanoi. She is a person who always listens to opinions and wishes to interact with artists and art lovers about fine art through her paintings.

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Highlight Artworks of Viet Huong

Viet Huong

Size: 60cm*120cm | 23.6 inches*47.2 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Heavenly Roses

Viet Huong

Size: 80cm*160cm | 31.5 inches*63 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Aroma of Lemon Flower