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Commission any artist to create Vietnamese artworks for your space. Feel free to tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll speak with the artist and get back to you with details and a quotation.
The work is the "spiritual child" of the artist. The content is sometimes like reality, and sometimes like fantasy. It's true, but not entirely true. It's also a street, but the street in the photo is different from the street in the painting; or the muse in real life, when depicted in a painting, carries a completely different aura but still holds the essence, the beauty of real life. "The talent of an artist is to bring real-life characters into artistic perspectives." Drawing a portrait of a loved one, also known as a "muse," is one of the perennial inspirations for artists. Some artists draw themselves, their mothers, fathers, or angels in their lives, such as boys, girls, etc. But there are also art collectors, art enthusiasts who want to own paintings of their favorite people, idols... And commissioned portrait painting has been strongly developed from practical needs. Commissioned painting is not simply about providing a topic and waiting for the artist to deliver the artwork on the appointed date. During the process of creating a painting based on a specific theme, the interaction between the owner of the artwork and the artist is always close, so that the owner can infuse their emotions, love, and familiarity into the artwork. The artist creates from the perspective of art, but interweaves the emotions of the owner into the artwork.

Send Your Emotion inside the Artworks

Trinh Cong Son Nguyen Art Commission

Legend Musician Trinh Cong Son

Material: Oil on Canvas
Dimension: 100cm x 80cm

4 Singers - Nguyen Art Commission

Four Legend Singers

Material: Oil on Canvas
Dimension: 100cm x 180cm

Mom and Baby - Nguyen Art Commision

Mom & Baby

Material: Oil on Canvas
Dimension: 100cm x 80cm

God Father - Nguyen Art Commission


Material: Oil on Canvas
Dimension: 100cm x 100cm

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