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Mai Huy Dung( Dzung) ArtistBorn in 1974 at Hanoi Member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. 1999: Graduated Design Department – Hanoi Open University 2008: To participate in An Echo Song Exhibition, Hanoi 2010: Solo exhibition, Hanoi To participate in Exhibition of the Fine Art Association of Vietnam 2012: ” Frontier Area” Exhibiton, Nguyen Art Gallery, 31A Van Mieu, Hanoi “When standing before a pure white canvas, my heart and mind seem not to have space for academic counts and I started to paint as a sleep-walking man does, returning to the unconscious instinct. Perhaps, when I behold my pictures once more time, I realize that sometimes I am so gentle, sometimes madly violent, hot and even fierce.Sometimes, I ask myself why I have so much inspiration for female body? The answer may be simple that: I am a man. For dry men, they considers women as just human beings with those organs, but for amorous men, women are the very wonders; each body brings you different feelings which are always fresh and seduced.Female body is always the reason for me to free my feelings from tender and sweet strokes to fierce and hot angers. Feels has daily streamed out through mild and listless gestures, sometimes tense and neat ones. For me, painting is a party of “form of colors” dedicated to women body. Such form is always lively with clear feelings of ceaseless and tender movements. Such colors are of sweet, salt, bitter…One person asked me: why do your pictures contain deep ideas about the life? Such an interesting question. Perhaps, each artist has his own living environment, which makes everyone certain emotions. Artworks shall be only good when the painter illustrates his own feelings. Life seems to reserve me favorable conditions and I am always full of feelings for women. I have borrowed the female body to demonstrate my emotional states as well as ideas about movements of colors. For me, painting is living.” Mai Huy Dung( Dzung) Artist