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Authentic & Original Vietnam Paintings & Artworks by Talented Vietnamese Artists | Nguyen Art Gallery

Nguyen Art Gallery has been established for original and quality Vietnamese paintings since 2006. We are recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Fine Art Galleries in Hanoi, Vietnam. The name Nguyen Art means “Original Art”. The Gallery’s objective is to promote quality art from Vietnamese artists. Almost all artworks in our Gallery are oil on canvas paintings and lacquer paintings (son mai). The Gallery focuses on emerging Vietnamese artists. Their artworks express and communicate the imaginative aspects of their culture and reflect concerns that range broadly from the spiritual and aesthetic to the social and political.

Nguyen Art Gallery carries paintings using many traditional Vietnamese materials; these include lacquer painting (son mai paintings), charcoal paintings, and watercolor paintings on “Do” paper; as well as painting using such popular materials such as oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas.

These contemporary artworks are showcased in Nguyen Art Gallery which welcomes local access and also allows visitors from all over the world to cross the globe virtually and increase their understanding of quality art from Vietnam. The gallery love to show you many artworks from young talented and famous Vietnamese artists. Since it first opened in 2006, the Gallery has always looked for and found new faces in Vietnamese art and regularly supports them. The Gallery also holds regular exhibitions for young artists as well as the already well-known ones at its venue.

The artworks may be purchased directly from the Gallery in Hanoi or they may be viewed and ordered online on the website and we will ship the artwork worldwide. We do hope you enjoy our collection of Vietnamese artworks and paintings.

Paintings of The Month

Luong Duy

Size: 100cm*120cm | 39.3 inches*47.2 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood

The Past Echoes IV

Nguyen Duc Huy

Size: 40cm*40cm | 15.7 inches*15.7 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood

Cat Gazes at the Moon

Do Khai

Size: 160cm*80cm | 63 inches*31.5 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood


Tran Thieu Nam

Size: 90cm*155cm | 35.4 inches*61 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood

Lotus at Dawn II

Nguyen Xuan Viet

Size: 80cm*120cm | 31.5 inches*47.2 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood


Ngo Ba Cong

Size: 120cm*270cm | 47.2 inches*106 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood

The Dance of Cats

Do Khai

Size: 100cm*210cm | 39.3 inches*82.6 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood

Pond of White Lotuses II

Nguyen Tuan Cuong

Size: 50cm*50cm | 19.6 inches*19.6 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood

Old Bowl 35

An Dang

Size: 120cm*65cm | 47.2 inches*25.6 inches
Material: Oil on canvas

Roses XV

Dang Dinh Ngo

Size: 55cm*42cm | 21.6 inches*16.5 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Cat Welcomes Spring

Mai Thi Kim Uyen

Size: 100cm*120cm | 39.3 inches*47.2 inches
Material: Oil on canvas

Rocky Mountain Lake

Minh Chinh

Size: 60cm*60cm | 23.6 inches*23.6 inches
Material: Oil on canvas

Little Cat II

Le Kuan's Collection of SEA

Le Kuan

Size: 40cm*50cm | 15.7 inches*19.7 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Early Morning

Le Kuan

Size: 40cm*50cm | 15.7 inches*19.7 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas


Le Kuan

Size: 60cm*100cm | 23.6 inches*39.3 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Ocean 02

Le Kuan

Size: 80cm*110cm | 31.5 inches*43.3 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Storm Belt

Le Kuan

Size: 100cm*150cm | 39.3 inches*59 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Moonlight 01

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We've shipped thousands of museum-quality Vietnamese artworks to art lovers all over the world. Each one is hand-crafted by our team of expert artists & craftsmen and delivered safely to your doorstep.


Hundreds of independent artists from all over regions of Vietnam choose Nguyen Art Gallery to exhibit their paintings & artworks. Every order pays an artist! Support the emerging artists of Vietnam to create more and more!


We launched our gallery back in 2006 and have spent the past decade-and-a-half building Vietnam's largest online art marketplace.


Nguyen Art gallery is home to art materials. Oil on Canvas, Colored Pencils, Natural Wood, Acrylic on Canvas, Lacquer on Wood, Mix Media on Canvas, Print on Canvas, Pastel, Watercolor...


We have collaborated to international shipping partners running 24/7 and do not stop finding reliable brands to ensure you get the minimum shipping cost and delivery time. FedEx Express, DHL, TNT, UPS and many more.


We're the one and only Nguyen Art Gallery. Thank you for browsing the best Vietnam marketplace and supporting the visual arts!

Our Customers' Feedbacks

Vietnamese painting for sale feedback

"Colors and Vibrancy!"

Hi Ha,

our painting came back today. We are very happy with it. It brings a lot of colors and vibrancy to the room. Hope you are well.

All the best, Robbie

Customer feed backs, Nguyen Art Gallery

"Great Way to Spend an Afternoon!!"

Dear Mr. Henry Le,

Nguyen Art gallery really deserves to be in the top 5 Galleries in Hanoi. We have visited a lot of galleries in Hanoi, but Nguyen Art Gallery is the last one. It was very beautiful. The artworks here are very unique, and we really loved it. Especially, we love "Portrait number 29"  by Artist Mai Huy Dung and the story behind as well as the delicacy depicted in the artwork.

Once again, I want to give my appreciation to all of you!


Client 1 of Nguyen Art Gallery

Very Nice Art Gallery

Dear Ms. Sienna,

Sorry for my late reply. We have received the painting that we have seen on the website. It was really beautiful!
Firstly, we quite worried about the shipping as well as the painting's quality. Fortunately, it was fine. The painting was packed carefully and delivered on time. We also received both the sign of the Artist and the owner of the gallery.

We hung it in the middle of the living room. It’s so great and makes our living room cozier. Thuy, my wife said that the painting has brought the soul of Hanoi to USA :))
Once again thank Nguyen Art Gallery for this wonderful picture!
We will come back and buy a son mai painting in near future!


Art Gallery Review - Anh Do

"Thanks! Nice Gift Again"

Dear Mr. Henry Le,

Very handy those wine holders. Imagine having couple a glasses infront the paintings at the fire place. What a kind of the feelings!
Thank you, Henry and who ever pack that art painting box. Pack so nice and carefully!

Many thanks,

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