Artist Nguyen Van Nghia – Vietnamese Lacquer Paintings – Nguyen Art Gallery

Artist Nguyen Van Nghia was born on November 23, 1981, in Bac Ninh, Northern Vietnam. He graduated from the Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 2012. He is currently a member of the Central Fine Arts Association, the Capital Fine Arts Association, the Bac Ninh Provincial Culture and Arts Association, and the Vietnam Son Ta group.

Nguyen Van Nghia is the one who found the soul of lacquer with the main theme of large-format abstract paintings. Hanoi’s old quarter came to his paintings from a great love for old present Hanoi. He depicts the streets of Hanoi with the most straightforward and idyllic features.

Exhibitions & Art Events

  • 2009 – 2010: Group exhibition of Young Artist Club in Hanoi
  • 2013 – 2014: Private exhibition in Hanoi
  • 2014: Vietnam – Russia exhibition of cultural exchanges in Moscow
  • 2014: Group exhibition of Vietnam Son ta group
  • 2016: Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea
  • 2020: National exhibition in Vietnam

Highlight Artworks of Nguyen Van Nghia

Nguyen Van Nghia

Size: 80cm*120cm | 31.5 inches*47.2 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood

Peaceful Street

Nguyen Van Nghia

Size: 81cm*122cm | 31.9 inches*48 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood

Summer Noon