Entrepreneur Artist Le Xuan Huong | Chairman of the Art Chamber - Art Appraiser

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Entrepreneur Artist Le Xuan Huong (Henry Le)

Hello Esteemed Collectors, Valued Customers, Esteemed Artists, I am Lê Xuân Hưởng, the owner of the Nguyen Art Gallery brand. I warmly welcome you to visit my art space, where the 'masterpieces' of exemplary contemporary artists of Vietnam are showcased.

Art Appraiser - Entrepreneur Artist Le Xuan Huong

Biography & Career


henry le

• In 1997, Mr. Le Xuan Huong graduated from the School of Industrial Fine Arts in Interior Design.

• By 2007, the ideas brewing within him materialized as he established Viet Vision Travel company.

• Fueled by an artistic passion, Nguyen Art Gallery emerged as a continuation of the success of Viet Vision Travel. It swiftly became one of the 10 most impressive art galleries in Hanoi. Simultaneously, the HenryLe Design brand creatively produced uniquely crafted colored pencil products in the market.

• Current positions: Chairman of the Board of Viet Vision Travel company Chairman of the Board of Nguyen Art Fine Arts company


• Age: 47 (Born in 1976)

• Business Fields: Tourism, Fine Arts

• Hometown: Bắc Giang, Vietnam

• Nationality: Vietnamese

• Marital Status: Married

• Children: 3


Viet Vision Travel

• The tourism industry in general, and Viet Vision Travel company in particular, have faced significant impacts due to the pandemic, even experiencing a freeze for a period, causing instability in the quality of tourism services throughout 2022.

• Nevertheless, leveraging its years of experience in the tourism sector, Viet Vision Travel rapidly gained a strong position in the market, securing both small and large contracts domestically and internationally.

• With nearly 18 years of involvement in the tourism service sector, managing groups of up to 3,500 individuals simultaneously, as well as organizing events and team-building programs.


Nguyen Art Gallery


The Nguyen Art Gallery was established, bringing about a new artistic meeting and exchange place in Hanoi.




Immediately after, the first official website of Nguyen Art Gallery was launched with the aim of bringing artworks closer to art enthusiasts both within and outside the country.




The website www.tranhsondaudocban.com was created with the mission of delving deeper into oil and acrylic paintings. The collection comprises over 500 oil paintings and is consistently updated, on its way to becoming the largest website for oil paintings in Vietnam.




The public's appreciation for art enthusiasts and collectors became the driving force behind the creation of the website www.tranhsonmainghethuat.com, which delves deeply into lacquer paintings, showcasing the distinctive and unique characteristics of Vietnamese traditional painting.




Recognizing that artworks from the Nguyen Art Gallery were often chosen by customers as special gifts for their loved ones on significant occasions, the website www.quatangquy.com was added to the Nguyen Art Gallery team. This platform serves as a place where customers can receive specialized advice and support to find the most suitable and meaningful gifts.

"Through continuous effort, we always aim for the most authentic value in our products, where what our customers acquire is not just an artwork or an interior decoration piece, but also the spiritual value through dedicated, professional service attitude."

The Appraisal Process


Le Xuan Huong & the Art Story

henry le

Who is Henry Le?


Nguyen Art Gallery

Le Xuan Huong Participates in the Conservation and Development Festival of Vietnamese Traditional Craft Villages 2023.


Painting Exhibition “Season of Happiness” – Artist Lam Duc Manh & Dang Dinh Ngo | Nguyen Art Gallery


Henry Le donated to support the victims of the appartment fire


The 'Bến Mây' exhibition by the artist Minh Chính.


Affordable Art Fair Hongkong 2023


Artist Le Xuan Huong achieved the third prize in the Handicraft Products Contest of Hanoi City in 2023


Grand Opening Nguyen Art Lotte Westlake

Artist Le Xuan Huong Invited to Attend the Vietnam Handicraft Conservation and Development Festival 2023


Visiting the second branch


Talk to Henry Le


The Art Exhibition Organized by Nguyen Art Gallery

The year of the Cat 



"Bến Mây" Exhibition



"Hòn Ngọc Quý" Exhibition



"Vô" Exhibition



"Tranquile" Exhibition



"Life" Exhibition



"Khu Vực Biên Giới" Exhibition



"Hoa Đá" Exhibition



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