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artist tran viet thuc
Artist Tran Viet Thuc was born in 1989 and graduated from Hue University of Fine Arts. He pursues realistic art with portraits and animals that are highly appreciated by artists.
Painter Tran Viet Thuc is an artist who pursues a realistic style. He paints very carefully, and meticulously, taking care of every detail, and every color in the work… All under the influence of light, the weather appears realistic and vivid. The background is made as simple as possible by him, with smooth scanning and almost no color change with the aim of directing the viewer’s attention to the main character in each picture.

Highlight Artworks of Tran Viet Thuc

Tran Viet Thuc

Size: 80cm*243cm | 31.5 inches*95.6 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

The Herd