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Artist Khong Do Duy was born and grew up in Vinh Phuc province in northern Vietnam. He is a Vietnamese talented young artist with oil paintings on canvas.

"I work almost continuously. Even when I travel, I still carry my tools with me to take advantage of the appropriate times to sit and draw. Of course, in order to have rich materials to prepare for the drawings, I must first draw. During that time, I had to travel to visit monuments in all localities across the country; visit museums to observe and learn about ancient objects and record all the stories about them. I always try to include a story about that image, so that the painting becomes alive and soulful in front of the viewer's eyes," said artist Khong Do Duy.

Exhibitions & Art Events

  • 2019: Group exhibition "May" in Hanoi
  • 2019: Group exhibition "Da Dien 3 - Polyhedral the 3rd" at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum
  • 2020: Group exhibition "Sketch+" in Hanoi
  • 2020: Group exhibition "Da Dien 4 - Polyhedral the 4th" at Hanoi Fine Arts Museum
  • 2020: Group exhibition “Nhung Sac Hoa Hanoi - Hanoi Flowers” and “ASEAN National Flowers” in Hanoi
  • 2021: Online group exhibition for charity
  • 2021: Group exhibition "5 Moi - New Year" in Hanoi
  • 2021: Group exhibition "Da Dien 5 - Polyhedral the 5th" at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum
  • 2021: Group exhibition "Da Dien 6 - Polyhedral the 6th" in Hanoi
  • 2022: Group exhibition "Van Tet Chu - Still Tet Holiday" in Hanoi
  • 2022: Group exhibition "Da Dien 7 - Polyhedral the 7th" in Ho Chi Minh City
  • 2022: Group exhibition "Da Dien 8 - Polyhedral the 8th" in Hanoi

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Highlight Artworks of Khong Do Duy

Khong Do Duy

Size: 80cm*80cm | 31.5 inches*31.5 inches
Material: Oil on canvas

Meow Meow

Khong Do Duy

Size: 160cm*65cm | 63 nches*25.6 inches
Material: Oil on canvas

The Sound of Spring