Exhibition “Little Space”


From 9th to 15th December, 2016
56 lastest lacquer paintings and ceramics will be exibited

Main Artists:

Nguyen Tuan Cuong
Biography: “I have been drawing old objects since 2007 because I found that those beheld the antique and quiet beauty. Old objects remind people of memories of life and they are representatives of cultural and social pattern. I am pretty fond of objects with simple shapes such as eggs and cylinder objects. In addition, I am impressed by ceramics in Ly-Tran dysnaty. In my opinion, each object has its own world. It is such a magic world where shelters them from changes throughout human’s history. I express those emotions and ideas through the Vietnam lacquer which I have been making use of for 20 years”

Vu Tuan Dung
Biography: “My creative insprirations has been taken from the ancient tradition and culture of Vietnam. My work depicts apparently shades as well as the transformation of the transformation of the spectacular life around. I aspire to execute paintings embodying the soul of Vietnam and reflecting my points of view about reality. I focus on the normal object but dig deep into its appearance and material. Lacquer painting gives me an opportunity to awake my senses and listen to “material story”. Unlike oil painting, it is an artistic world which needs the understanding and respecting”
Tran Tien Thanh
Biography: Born in 1975 in Hanoi, Tran Tien Thanh has taken part in many art exhibitions in Vietnam and oversea such as: Military Art Exhibition, National fine arts exhibition, Beijing lacquer Exhibition and Hanoi annual art Exhibition . His lacquer painting works depict tranquil daily life around with warm tone of colour
Opening Reception 18:00, Friday, 9th December, 2016

Exhibition “Vietnam lacquer Story”

Exhibition "Vietnam lacquer Story"

Opening: 17:00, Friday, 04.15.2016
Exhibition: 15/04 – 05/02/2016
Location: Cultural Exchange Center
50 Dao Duy Tu, Ha Noi

Information from the organizers:
Exhibition “Vietnam lacquer Story” introduces a generalized overview of the traditional paint job (with photos, artifacts of gardenia, tools, and processing techniques) and Contemporary Art of Lacquer Vietnam (with the participation of 8 artists and villages).
Thereby, exhibitors want to promote and celebrate a traditional craft with the traditional cultural values of Vietnam, within the framework of traditional honor of Old Quarter in 2016 and Hanoi City.

The exhibition of 50 original works of visual art

The exhibition of 50 original works of visual art

From 6th to 27th April, Goethe Institution to cooperate with Museum of Fine Art in Leizig will to organized the exhibition “ Storyteller – Comtemporary Art from Leizig” with 50 works by 11 Artist of New Leipzig school. The event will take place at the Vietnam Fine Art Museum and the Goethe Institution.
This event is the first step, to maks the first cooperation between a big Museum in Germany with Goethe Institution in the field of organizing exhibitions in Vietnam.
The woks on paper will be on show at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum and thé video works will be introduce at the Goethe Institution Hanoi. The catalog of exhibition will be give for visitor come to participate raised of exhibition.

Art Exhibition “9X”


Open: 20th March, 2016
Finish: 24th March, 2016
Location: Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition

Art Exhibition “9X” is held by Young Artists Club – Vietnam Fine Arts Association with the theme “Bright – Fresh- Enthusiastic”. It is an occasion marked the launch of a new generation of young artists.
The exhibition is a new beginning of a new generation of young artists in the generation of “9X” with full of youth, ambition and dedication as the criteria theme “Bright – Fresh- Enthusiastic”. Exhibition with the participation of 11 new factors of the Young Artist Club: Nguyen Tuan Dung, Truong Van Ngoc, Nguyen Dinh Son, Nguyen Van Phuong, Pham Xuan Quynh, Nguyen Van Huy, Chu Van Son, Tran Van Thuoc, Nguyen Van Dieu, Nguyen Van Diep … will bring to an interesting event and award shows, such as new wind blowing in artistic life.
Join in the chain exhibition “9X”, there is a solo exhibition named “You” by Nguyen Tuan Dung- an young artists. According to organizers, the exhibition will open at 17 pm from Day 20/3 – 24/3/2016. At the end of the exhibition, a seminars will be held at 9 a.m on 24th March at the Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition at 16 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi.

Vietnamese Lacquer Painting

Vietnamese Lacquer Painting

Lacquered items have been found in ancient tombs in Vietnam dating as far back as the third and fourth centuries B.C. Over the centuries, Vietnamese master craftsmen and artists have mastered techniques using lacquer for purpose of decoration and preservation. Lacquer paintings now can compete successfully with silk and oil paintings and have the unique character of this style of painting.
Artistic Characteristics:
Lacquer traditionally comes in three colors – brown, black and vermilion. By the 1930s, artists started to use a new technique known as chiseling which gives a richer mix of colors and an added sense of size and distance..
The painting is done on wood. It is covered with a piece of cloth glued to it using the sap of the lacquer tree and then coated with a layer of the sap mixed with earth. The board is then sand papered and recoated with a layer of hot sap. After polishing, this gives a smooth black surface with a brilliant luster.
The painter uses hot lacquer to draw the outline of a picture and the colors are applied one by one, layer upon layer. Each coat dries slowly.
The finishing touches consist of polishing and washing the pictures. This process may seem like brutal treatment for a work of art, but it is done with great care. This process leaves a brilliant surface on a painting.

Art exhibition “Welcome Binh Than 2016”


On 16th February, 2016 in Hanoi, The Union of The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, in association with The Department of Fine Art, Photography and Exhibition organized art exhibition

“Welcome Binh Than 2016”, to send to art loving residents of the capital wishes for a new year with the works of fine art and photography to welcome a new spring season with much aspiration.

The exhibition displays 42 works including 21 art works and 19 photographs of 15 artists. Each work represents the author’s feelings about the beauty of nature, life, country and people of

Viet Nam. Viewers can feel the change of daily life to become fresher with the hope for a new year of peace, prosperity and happiness.

The displayed works at this time have been contributed by many artists such as Vi Kien Thanh, Ma The Anh, Ngo Quang Duong, Dinh Minh Dong, Do vu Ngoc Trang, Hoanh Minh Duc, Tran Kim Thoa,

Nguyen Phu Quy, Pham Ha Hai, Phung Quang Luyen, Pham Cao Son… the artists work at many different majors but with the passion for art and the enthusiasm, they has often invest a lot of time in

composing, and introducing works to assert their position in art field.

Art exhibition “Immigration and Identity”


Art exhibition “Immigration and Identity”
Open: 26th February, 2016
Location: Goethe Institute, 56- 58 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi

Art exhibition “Immigration and Identity” by artists Duong Thuy Duong and Do Tuan Anh takes the idea from the influx of refugees into Germany.

At present, the flow of refugees into Germany makes the topic of immigration become hotter and hotter. In 2014, about 20 percent of German population are immigrants, of which 16.4 million people are trying to get familiar with strange traditions of their new homeland. Many of them are living between two different cultures and always have to face with the problems of self- awareness: where I come from? Where I belong to? How others look at me?
However, the process of migration and immigration from Viet Nam to Germany has taken place for a long time and has been regarded as a typically successful image of immigration. Vietnamese people are described as the most active immigrant community in Germany; therefore, how should we define the adaptation with the maintenance of national identity of the immigrants?

Art Exhibition Spring 2016


The exhibition displays nearly 100 artworks in different types including ceramic, lacquers, “do ‘paper and oil paintings of 18 contemporary artists.
In the jubilant atmosphere nationwide to welcome the 12th National Party Congress and the anniversary of eighty-six- year establishment of Vietnam Communist Party, the Vietnam Culture- Art Exhibition Center organizes “ Spring art 2016” exhibition to introduce the typical artworks of artists to numerous domestic and foreign tourists.
In honor of the Communist Party, spring and the national innovation, all the artworks have illustrated the beauty of Vietnamese homeland and people. They depict the various colors of life and simple, off-screen moments. However, with the sophisticated recognition and passionate creativity, the artists have originated masterpieces of highly appreciation.
The art exhibition will last until 4th February, 2016

“Flex” Art Exhibition By Heather McClellan At Nguyen Art Gallery

Opening: Fri 17 Apr 2015, 7 pm
Exhibition: 18 – 26 Apr 2015

At Nguyen Art Gallery

From Heather McClellan:

Artist Heather McClellan requests your presence at “Flex”, her Vietnamese-inspired lacquer exhibition.

Heather McClellan received her formal training in graphics and illustration at the Cleveland Institute of Art, one of the leading art and design schools in the United States. A lover of materials and methods, Heather’s work continually leads her to explore new techniques and continual learning at the feet of masters of new crafts. She works fluently in traditional media (ink, pencil, pastels, oils, and acrylics), but is also practiced in a diversity of methods (scratchboard, lithographs, ceramics, silk screens, lacquer, large murals, and mixed media). She regularly represents women as her subjects and draws her inspiration from a wide variety of cultures.

Artist statement:

Early in my career, my greatest struggle was in creating. I found that my passion for the human form and my God-given talents made it easy to illustrate, to show things “as they are”, but to me, this was disappointingly insufficient; art is so much more. It should evoke and stir others to passion. It should showcase imperfections and limitations. But most of all, it should be creative, meaning that it generates something new: an idea, a sentiment, a desire. I have found great satisfaction in experimenting across multiple techniques, perhaps because of the newness and my desire to explore, but more likely because of the imperfections they allow. Pencil and chalk are so precise that they leave little space for the beautiful accidents which manifest themselves in other media. As I force my technical skills into new and imperfect formats, I find it jarring, disrupting, exciting—and this excitement comes precisely because I don’t know what to expect. To me, this is creation.

Heather McClellan
Heather McClellan

Contact Heather:

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heathersartworx
Phone: (+84) 0 1238 718 719

The exhibition is free entry.

Ambiguity – Affitta Exhibition 2014


Solo painting exhibition of PHẠM TUẤN TÚ

Time: From 18.10.2014 – 27.10.2014
Venue: Nguyen Art Gallery, 31A Van Mieu St., Hanoi
Opening: 05:30PM 18th October 2014

ACCAviet cordially presents a piece of solo exhibition of painter Pham Tuan Tu named “Ambiguity | Affitta”.

What is AFFITTA?

AFFITTA is an Italian word used for imperative. AFFITTA means “FOR RENT” and Ambiguity in Vietnamese expresses a state of vagueness and being unclear, half this side and the other half in the other side. This tends to lead to chaos and disorder.

Why do the exhibition named AMBIGUITY | AFFITTA?

This is a solo show of artist Pham Tuan Tu. This exhibition includes nearly 40 paintings through almost seven years of the artist’s creative activities since 2008 up to present.

The artworks of Pham Tuan Tu all carry the cold grey color tone. The shapes in the works are absentminded and aimless. It seems like them don’t need any connection with the earth. The body and the head are like the two opposing essences. A borrowed head for a body or a naked body is renting another head. Everything seems to be mellow and unable to identify. The borderlines between the owner and the renter are erased. The state of renting becomes the state of ambiguity. There’s no distinction between the borders of genders, space and spirit.

Looking at Tuan Tu’s works, it is not merely considered from the gender perspective. The ambiguity of appearance, inner soul, gender, spirituality is a part of his creative process but not necessary as the most important factor. This factor is borrowed and used through the empowering language of the arts. With the style mixed between irony, arrogance and solidarity, he wanted to tell the stories between human beings. It could be very humane, cold or mournful. With his works which are full of emotions in life journey, one individual journey, the fate and spirituality through the physical living time. The coldness or indifference are all the laws of heaven and earth.

There are some comment of painter Pham Quang Hieu – a closed friend of Pham Tuan Tu:
“…Seeing the works of Tu, we could easily associate with the horror films from Hollywood or the book “Strange stories from a Chinese Studio” by Pu Songling. The plaintive lyrics of Pham Duy are echoing somewhere else: “The afternoon goes by quietly/ The flowers and the graves are fading/ Oh the white flower color of the funeral? I want to do the ceremony for your broken love…in a late winter I went to the pagoda/ To say farewell to you my darling in this coffin…!

…Deviating from the normal trajectory of aesthetics, he uses symbols and true feelings. Pham Tuan Tu has brought us into a world where the black-white, good-evil, male-female… is not really to differentiate. Even the artist tried to attach the theme to a certain social issue, but in an unconscious manner. Tu’s works still placed before us a more fundamental question about the human nature and human being.”

“Ambiguity – Affitta” exhibition is the first solo exhibition by Pham Tuan Tu in Vietnam, though a number of his works have been presented and displayed at the National Fine Arts Exhibition 2010, the Dogma Prize in Hochiminh City in 2013 and National Festival of Young Artists in 2014 in Hanoi.

“Ambiguity – Affitta” will be opened at 05:30 P.M, Saturday October 18th 2014 at the Nguyen Art gallery, 31A Van Mieu St., Hanoi and will be showcased until the end of October 27th 2014.

Notes for the Editors

Pham Tuan Tu:
Pham Tuan Tu was born in 1981 in Thai Binh. Tu graduated from College of Hanoi Industrial Arts in 2004 and has been working as individual painter until now. He is member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association and Hanoi Young Artist Club.

Tuan Tu began his career as a painter during his university years. Until now, he has had almost 10 years of artistic experience and has won numerous awards at many exhibitions across the country. Tu also participated in various group exhibitions, art events, workshops, along with a number of important art projects.

Tuan Tu’s works were known since 2008 – 2009, when he attend into activities of Hanoi Young Artist Club and Contemporary Art Center in Hanoi. He has awarded the Talent Prize of Cultural Development & Exchange Fund of Danish Embassy in 2010. His works were displayed in the international exhibition “Java Spices” in Yogjakarta, Indonesia in 2012 and “Images Festival” in Denmark in 2013.