Ambiguity – Affitta Exhibition 2014

AMBIGUITY | AFFITTA Solo painting exhibition of PHẠM TUẤN TÚ Time: From 18.10.2014 – 27.10.2014 Venue: Nguyen Art Gallery, 31A Van Mieu St., Hanoi Opening: 05:30PM 18th October 2014 ACCAviet cordially presents a piece of solo exhibition of painter Pham Tuan Tu named “Ambiguity | Affitta”. What is AFFITTA? AFFITTA is an Italian word used […]

Painting Exhibition “Life Stories” By Luong Trung Will Be Held At Nguyen Art Gallery From 14th Until 23th December 2013

“Life Stories” Painting Exhibition by Luong Trung artist Invitation Information Request the honor of your presence: to the “Life Stories” painting exhibition by the artist Luong Trung. Opening ceremony is held at 17:30 on Saturday, 14th December 2013 at Nguyen Art Gallery, 31 Van Mieu street, Hanoi. Exhibition runs until 23th / December/ 2013 Introduction […]

Sculpture Exhibition “Seven” Will Be Held At Nguyen Art Gallery From 20th Until 26th July 2013

Trân trọng kính mời Ông (Bà): Request the honor of your present: Tới dự khai mạc triển lãm tượng “7 (Bảy )” bởi nhóm 7 điêu khắc gia trẻ to the “7 (Seven)” Sculpture Exhibition by a group of 7 sculptors – Trần Văn An – Đoàn Hữu Ngà – Lương Văn Trịnh – Hoàng […]

Painting Exhibition “Colors Of Nature” Will Be Held At Nguyen Art Gallery From 12nd Until 18 Th Jan 2013

The Coming Fall by Trinh Lien

Nature in Painting Fine art has formed when human discovered the beauty of nature, since then nature has become a great master of many generations of the artists up to now. In any era, fine arts is always an opened road where has no place for old or new things but only the so-called “Beauty”. […]

“Frontier Area” Fine Art Exhibition By Artist Mai Huy Dzung From 17th November Until 25th Nov 2012

Frontier Area Exhibition by artists Mai Huy Dzung

Introduction I am a wanderer. When I feel tired of the whirl of modern life, I take my backpack to escape away, sometimes with friends, sometimes by myself. It is not too difficult to imagine how the mountains in Northern area enchanted me, from the harsh but spectacular nature to simple but warm-hearted people. I […]

Predestined Loves Tie To “Dó” Paper – From 20th Oct 2012 To 30th Oct 2012

At a glance, Nguyen Tran Cuong and Le Xuan Hung Linh draw their “Do” paper paintings easily as they were in a dream. Then, they woke up and put their brush on paper, reality and dream come together to create a “Dó” paper painting. Painter Nguyen Tran Cuong Born in 1979 (Year of the Goat […]

The “Menu” Exhibition Is On From January, 14th To January, 24th 2008

“Menu” Exhibition “Menu” Exhibition Not only does the word “Menu” itself attract everyone’s curiosity but it also is the name of the new art exhibition of two very young artists: Nguyen Van Ho and Nguyen Anh Tuan, which is on at Nguyen Art Gallery – a brand new contemporary art gallery. Each artist with 15 […]

The Exhibition Is On From December, 15th To December, 21th At 40 Hang Manh St.

The Exhibition Is On From December, 15th To December, 21th At 40 Hang Manh St.

Nguyen Art Gallery welcomes you to the opening of “Nude”exhibition by four very young and vibrant artists: Trinh Minh Tien, Dang Vu Ha, Le Nguyen Manh and Nguyen Khac Chinh at 4 pm on December 15th 2008. Having either just graduated from college or still at school, all of them is in their own journey […]

The “Blue Memory” Exhibition Is On From April 14th To April 21st, 2008

The “Blue Memory” Exhibition Is On From April 14th To April 21st, 2008

Nguyen Art Gallery’s pleased to introduce latest works by artist Ngo Thuy in her solo exhibition “Blue Memory” “I’m so fascinated by the colors and lights which are art’s elements and I desperately long for the harmony and deep understanding between human being and nature. Searching for that connection has always been my great inspiration.” […]