Lacquer painting exhibition: “Uncle Ho with Thai Nguyen “

Lacquer painting exhibition: “Uncle Ho with Thai Nguyen “

Opening: 16th February, 2016
Location: Historical and ecological site ATK, Dinh Hoa, Thai Nguyen

The exhibition will display 115 pictures and lacquer on wood paintings to introduce the activities of President Ho Chi Minh in the safe zone ATK Viet Bac- Thai Nguyen in the Anti- French Resistance War, showing the great respect of the party, authority and residents in Thai Nguyen to Uncle Ho in the period of 1954- 1964.

In addition, a number of pictures about the people as well as the beauty of the land Thai Nguyen and other activities of the 18th National congress of the Communist Party will also be shown in this exhibition.
Thanks to the skillfulness and talent of the artists, the works have been shown in a harmonized manner from the magic beauty to the emotional depth.

The exhibition will gives people a chance to enhance their knowledge about the time when Uncle lived and worked in Thai Nguyen, and reaffirm the strategic vision of the Central Party, the Government and President Ho when choosing Thai Nguyen as a safe zone for the war period.

Also, this activity will make a great contribution to educate cadres, people, especially the youth the patriotism and revolution today. The exhibition will last until 17th February.

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