Exhibition ” East meet West”

Main Artists:

Bui Huong Thuy.

Born and having grown up in Hanoi, with a strong love for art, Thuy Bui Howarth has found her own way to express herself through lacquer – a very special and precious material from Vietnam- to create unique paintings. Maybe still considered as a new comer in Europe, in fact, Vietnamese lacquer painting ( or Sơn Mài) has been in existence for over 80 years. Previously, for thousands of years, lacquer was used for the decoration of objects.

Thuy’s paintings are very much influenced by music and nature. You can see the orchestra of life created by a fun-and-stun process of using breathtaking and original techniques and materials. These include eggshell, mother of pearl, silver and gold leaves. These materials are rubbed with sand paper until the colours and textures burst out of the surface, layer by layer.20476341_10213334067284305_3591188666940634601_n



In the exhibition of lacquer painting, there are also ceramic works by Bui Minh Hong.

Graduated from University in Geneva with MBA degree but having a great passion and love with clay, Bui Minh Hong decided to leave the office to work as a potter. Inspired by Asian traditional technique and Western modern style, she creates the unique and high quality products.



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