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Artist Mai Thi Kim Uyen was born in 1986 in Quang Nam province in central Vietnam. She graduated from the Hue University of Fine Arts and soon revealed her artistic talent to the public.

Artist Ho Thi Xuan Thu shared about her student: “Mai Thi Kim Uyen is a talented artist. Since 10 years ago, I have loved Uyen's oil paintings because they bring out their own personality. Uyen is dedicated to everything she does, so she will definitely succeed because efforts will be rewarded. At age 65, I am no longer happy to be honored as the only female artist in the Central Highlands of Vietnam who pursues lacquer painting. I am happy to support the younger generation.”

In the group exhibition "Calling Peace Back" (2022) with the participation of herself, artist Kim Uyen shared: "Life is inherently challenging and difficult. So how to handle it? You have to find the bright spot yourself, look at everything positively, and solve it no matter how difficult it is. It is important that we seek answers from within, not outside. Only then can we "Call for peace". In this angle, in addition to the aesthetic brought, Uyen's drawings, liberal colors, breaking the pedagogy have inspired strong living."

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Highlight Artworks of Mai Thi Kim Uyen

Mai Thi Kim Uyen

Size: 100cm*120cm | 39.3 inches*47.2 inches
Material: Oil on canvas

Rocky Mountain Lake