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Artist - Le Thuy

Le Thuy was born in 1988 in Thanh Hoa province. In 2013, he graduated from Vietnam Fine Arts University but her artistic path started earlier. In 2010, while still in the school chair, she began joining the traveling and mobile artist group to find a sense of space in her works. She chose a very oriental material – silk – to express those feelings. Le Thuy is now a lecturer of the Painting Department at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts.

Exhibitions & Art Events

  • 2012: Victory in the program “Art students” of Vietnam University of Fine Arts
  • 2013: Participate in Natural Color Exhibition at Nguyen Art Gallery and Capital Fine Art Exhibition in Hanoi
  • 2014: Participate in the Natural Echo Exhibition at Hanoi Fine Arts Museum
  • 2014: Participate in Young Fine Art Exhibition at Vietnam Fine Arts University
  • 2014: Participate in Young Graphic Exhibition in Hanoi
  • 2015: Organize the exhibition “Order” at Chula Fashion House in Hanoi
  • 2015: Participate in the exhibition “Yu Yu Vietnam Blue” at Hanoi Fine Arts Museum
  • 2015: Participate in “Emerging Soul” Exhibition in Singapore
  • 2015: Participate in Self-portrait Exhibition at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
  • 2016: Hold an Exhibition Where is a peaceful place in Ho Chi Minh City
  • 2016: Winner of the “Young Talent Program” at Ion Art, Singapore
  • 2016: Participate in the “Vietnam Eye” exhibition in Hanoi – the “Affordable Art Fair” in Singapore – the exhibition “ASIAE Asian Silk Road in Guangdong, China”
  • 2017: Participate in Vietnam – Thailand Contemporary Art Exhibition in Hanoi

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Highlight Artworks of Le Thuy

Le Thuy

Size: 70cm*50cm | 28 inches*20 inches
Material: Oil on canvas


Le Thuy

Size: 60cm*40cm | 24 inches*16 inches
Material: Oil on canvas

Nightfall Wind

Le Thuy

Size: 50cm*70cm | 20 inches*28 inches
Material: Oil on canvas

Pond Bank

Le Thuy

Size: 60cm*40cm | 23.6 inches*15.7 inches
Material: Watercolor on Do paper