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Artist Le Nguyen Manh

Le Nguyen Manh was born in 1979 in Thanh Hoa province. In 2000, he graduated from Thanh Hoa College of Culture and Arts. Le Nguyen Manh also graduated from Hanoi Fine Art University 7 years later.

Exhibitions & Art Events

+ 2000: Thanh Hoa Fine Arts Exhibition, Thanh Hoa, Vietnam
+ 2003 - 2007: Yearly Students Exhibitions, Hanoi University of Fine Arts
+ 2003: Performance group exhibitions, Hanoi
+ 2004: “I’m dissolving” photo group exhibition, Hanoi
+ 2004 - 2006: Arts performance at different private organizations
+ 2005: “Army force in the war revolution and the works of developing and protecting our nation”, Hanoi
+ 2005: Group exhibition, Hanoi
+ 2007: National contemporary fine arts exhibitions, Hanoi
+ 2007: Improvised performance, Hanoi
+ 2007: “Market” exhibition in Hanoi
+ 2007: “Sneaky Week” exhibition in Hanoi

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