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artist lam duc manh

Artist Lam Duc Manh was born in 1972 in Hanoi, Vietnam. He graduated from the Faculty of Painting at Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 1999. Lam Duc Manh's artworks are mainly shown on oil because for him this is a material with rich expressiveness that is very suitable for him with the strong emotions of the artist.

His compositional style is greatly influenced by Impressionist artists with famous painters such as Monet or Bui Xuan Phai. The subject of nature is his endless creative inspiration, especially landscape paintings of the Red River Delta where he was born and raised. For  Lam Duc Manh, coming to nature is a way to liberate spiritual life.

Exhibitions & Art Events

  • 2001: First solo exhibition in Hanoi
  • 2003: Second solo exhibition at Hilton Opera, Hanoi
  • 2004: Group exhibition in the UK, Japan, the USA
  • 2004: Third solo exhibition in Hong Kong
  • 2006: Fourth solo exhibition in Hong Kong
  • 2007: Fine Arts Fair in Singapore
  • 2009: Fifth solo exhibition in Texas, the USA
  • 2011: Group exhibition in South Korea
  • 2021: T5 group exhibition in Hanoi
  • 2022: Group exhibition "Farewell to the Ox"

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Highlight Artworks of Lam Duc Manh

Lam Duc Manh

Size: 100cm*160cm | 39.3 inches*63 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Moc Chau Plum Season

Lam Duc Manh

Size: 80cm*85cm | 31.5 inches*33.4 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Take a Rest

Lam Duc Manh

Size: 80cm*90cm | 31.5 inches*35.4 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

My Village

Lam Duc Manh

Size: 80cm*80cm | 31.5 inches*31.5 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas


Lam Duc Manh

Size: 75cm*75cm | 29.5 inches*29.5 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Night Aroma

Lam Duc Manh

Size: 80cm*100cm | 31.5 inches*39 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Plum Flower