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Artist Truong ThienTruong Thien was born in 1979 in Hue province in central Vietnam. He graduated from B.A. Fine Arts from Hue College of Arts.

Exhibitions & Art Events

+ 1995: National Fine Arts Exhibition in Hanoi
+ 1997: “Venus in May” group exhibition in Hue
+ 1997: “New feeling” installation group exhibition in Hue
+ 1998: Exhibition of Fine Arts between French & Vietnamese students in Ho Chi Minh city
+ 1998: Fine Arts exchange exhibition between teachers & students in Thailand
+ 1999: “Working” group exhibition in Hue
+ 2000: “9+1” group exhibition of 9 artists at Boi Tran Gallery, Hue
+ 2000: Vietnam – Thailand – Japan Contemporary Fine Arts Exchange Exhibition in Japan
+ 2000: “Father & Son” exhibition in Hanoi
+ 2002: “Autumn + 2” exhibition in New Space Gallery in Hue.
+ 2002: “Small Playing” exhibition in Hue.
+ 2003: Group exhibition in Hue College of Arts
+ 2003: “Performance Art” group exhibition of 5 artists at New Space Gallery in Hue
+ 2004: “Vietnam – Thailand” exhibition in Bangkok
+ 2005: “Printmaking” Festival in Hue.
+ 2005: “Empty Solid” solo exhibition in Hanoi
+ 2006: “Flower Leaf Branch” solo exhibition at Mai’s Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City.
+ 2006: “Rush Hours” visual arts exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City

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Highlight Artworks of Truong Thien

Truong Thien

Size: 80cm*100cm | 31.5 inches*39.3 inches
Material: Oil on Canvas

Yellow Flower