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vietnamese artist trieu khac tien

Trieu Khac Tien (Trieu Khanh Tien) was born in 1977 in Hanoi. He is now the Deputy Dean of the Painting Department at Vietnam University of Fine Arts.


  • 1999: B.F.A of Painting- Hanoi University of Fine Arts
  • 1999: B.F.A - Hanoi Foreign Language College, English Department
  • 2007: M.F.A of Painting - Vietnam University of Fine Arts
  • 2017: Ph.D. of Fine Arts (Urushi Art) – Tokyo University of the Arts

Exhibitions & Art Events

the owner of nguyen art gallery and artist trieu khac tien
The owner of Nguyen Art Gallery (left) & artist Trieu Khac Tien
  • 2021: Vietnam representative to participate in UNESCO’s 3rd APHEN-ICH
  • 2021: International Lacquer online Seminar, South Korea.
  • 2019: International Lacquer Seminar in Jingchou, China
  • 2018: Lacquer restoration international symposium, Hanoi
  • 2018: Lacquer eggs installation in National Assembly House tunnel ’s decoration project
  • 2017: “The natural lacquer tree” exhibition and seminar in Taiwan
  • 2016: Urushi exchange workshop in Daigo-Kenpoku festival, Japan
  • 2015: “Echizen international lacquer exhibition and symposium”, Japan
  • 2011: National Young artists’ Festival.
  • 2010: Vietnam National Fine Arts Exhibition
  • 2008: Vietnam & South Korea Lacquer art exhibition – South Korea cultural center in Hanoi
  • 2007: “NEO” Fine Arts exhibition at Viet-art center, Vietnam
  • 2004: Thailand - Vietnam contemporary Art Exhibition
  • 2003: Vietnam contemporary lacquer exhibition at BildMuseet in Umea city, Sweden
  • 2003: Giving lectures on Vietnamese traditional lacquer at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, Sweden
  • 2002: “Movement in street ” Video Art Exhibition in Goethe Institute
  • 2000: Vietnam National Fine Arts Exhibition
  • 1999: Guest artist to participate in Vietnam - Thailand - Japan Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition in Funabashi city, Japan

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Highlight Artworks of Trieu Khac Tien

Trieu Khac Tien

Size: 141cm*52cm | 55.5 inches*20.5 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood
4 Paintings Combined

Quan Lan Bay

Trieu Khac Tien

Size: 65cm*50cm | 26 inches*20 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood


Trieu Khac Tien

Size: 140cm*52cm | 55.1 inches*20.5 inches
Material: Lacquer on wood
4 Paintings (35cm*52cm | 13.8 inches*20.5 inches) Combined

Immense Ocean