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artist trinh thang

Trinh Thang was born in 1972. After graduating from Thai Binh University of Medicine & Pharmacy, he continued his study in the US for a Master’s Degree. In 2003, Trinh Thang finished his study and in 2007, his doctoral thesis in the public health industry, majoring in Social Science and Behavior, was also successfully completed. Although he did not learn how to draw before, the career of being an artist came to him unpredictably.

The talent & innocence in art makes his paintings pure. He is not intended to describe anything but is not apathetic about the flow of life. For 10 years living in the US, he used to spend time visiting Art Exhibitions to light his passion up deep inside him. Besides his talent of paintings, Trinh Thang became well-known for his Literature & Music Exhibitions, his knowledge about Eastern Philosophy, Material-art, Qigong, and the Essence of Inner Work. Additionally, Trinh Thang also writes some short stories, novels. Poems such as Otter Field & Neighbor Girl in 2005, Lost in 2006, Essence of Countryside in 2007.

Exhibitions & Art Events

      • 2011: Exhibition Installation “Look Up In the Dark”
      • 2012: Established the Essence of Inner Work which is a combination of Medicine, Yoga, Meditation, and Biology
      • 2015: Art Exhibition “Way Back”
      • 2018: Contemporary Installation Art Exhibitions “From the Light”
      • 2020: Group Exhibition “Old Village” with his students
      • 2020: Group Exhibition “Hollow” with his students

Highlight Artworks of Trinh Thang