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ton that minh nhat artist

Ton That Minh Nhat was born in 1982 in Hue province in Vietnam. In 2007, he graduated from Hue University of Fine Arts in Vietnam.

“In painting, there is no concept of bad colors or good colors, bad qualities or good qualities, but the important thing is that with that substances, colors, and techniques, which one is suitable and can express your intentions on the picture, that is the best and most correct.” He said.

Exhibitions & Art Events

      • 2004: Hue Festival Exhibition 2004, Hue city, Vietnam
      • 2005: Group exhibition, Hue, Vietnam
      • 2006: Join the street art exhibition in Hue Festival 2006
      • 2007: Hue Festival Exhibition 2007, Hue, Vietnam
      • 2007: Exhibition of students, Hue, Vietnam
      • 2007: Exhibition” City of the Future!”, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
      • 2008: Exhibition” Year-End Delights”, Hanoi, Vietnam
      • 2008: Exhibition” Colors” at the Hue Festival 2008, Hue, Vietnam
      • 2009: Exhibition” March reunion”, Da Nang, Vietnam
      • 2009: Exhibition” Winter”, Hue, Vietnam
      • 2010: Exhibition” Reunion” in NSAF, South Hue, Vietnam
      • 2010: Exhibition” Autumn plateau”, Ban Me Thuot, Vietnam
      • 2011: Exhibition” No-one”, Hue, Vietnam

Highlight Artworks of Ton That Minh Nhat