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Artist Nguyen Tran Cuong | Paintings & Art Career

artist nguyen tran cuong

Nguyen Tran Cuong was born in 1979 in Hanoi. He has a great passion for lacquer paintings and the traditional Do paper of Vietnam.

Exhibitions & Art Events

+ 2004: "White morning & Green buffalos” in Thailand
+ 2004: Group Exhibition in Taiwan
+ 2004: Phillip Moris – Asia in Bangkok, Thailand
+ 2005: ” No 4″ in the group exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2006: "Vietnam - Malaysia - Philippines” in Malaysia
+ 2006: “Lacquer in Vietnam” in Vietnam Fine Arts University in Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2006: "Nam Cao writer and his character’s portrait by plastic arts” in Vietnam Fine Arts museum
+ 2007: 22 Asian International Art Exhibition, Seladar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia
+ 2008: Visual Art Exhibition of Southeast Asia’s Artist at Jogia Gallery, Indonesia
+ 2008: “Asia Art Link” in Vietnam Fine Art Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2008: "Oil painting in Vietnam” at Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2009: “Papers” group artist at Bookworm, 8 Yen The, Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2009: “POLYGON” at Maison de Art in Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2010: “Asian Art Link” in the Philippines
+ 2010: "Vietnam-Malaysia contemporary art” in Penang, Malaysia
+ 2010: "Vietnam contemporary art” in London, England
+ 2011: “POLYGON 2” at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2011: “Malaysia - Thailand - Vietnam Contemporary Art” in Malaysia
+ 2012: “PAPER No. 2″ at Nguyen Art Gallery in Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2012: “METROPOLIS” at Mai Gallery in Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2013: “Vietnam - Thailand Art Exchange” at Nasurean University in Thailand
+ 2014: International art workshop in Hua Hin, Thailand & Sasaran, Malaysia
+ 2015: “After the Storm”, Vietnam Fine Art Museum in Hanoi
+ 2015: Vietnam International art workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
+ 2016: Lacquer Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition in Berlin, Germany
+ 2016: International art Camp in Malaysia & Romania
+ 2016: ASIAN Lacquer art exhibition in the Fine arts museum in Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2016: “Echo from Nature” International art exhibition in Fine arts museum, Hanoi, Vietnam
+ 2016: International art exhibition at the Metropolitan Art Museum in Japan
+ 2016: International art workshop in 11th Po Chang Academy of Arts in Thailand
+ 2017: Solo exhibition "Invisible Seasons” in Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

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