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Artist HT Phuc (real name Nguyen Van Phuc) was born in 1973 in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. He was disabled at the age of 1 when the measles metastasis caused him to lose his legs. Since then, he has always had loneliness invade him. He always tries to integrate with the world, but "self-deprecation is not, but inferiority is there"...

Born into a family with a tradition in painting, artist HT Phuc was approached with painting from a young age. When he grew up, he entered the School of Industrial Fine Arts and studied lacquerware. Then, all his feelings and thoughts were put into the brush strokes and layers of lacquer.

Like other artists, he always wishes to create his own personality and he is gradually choosing and fixing for himself a style of composition that is both folk and modern. The young women in the artist's paintings always contain a vastness of human outlook and emotions. It can be seen through the paintings of the October’s Moon and the two paintings Under the Moonlight, the young girls can be expressed through two verses "More or less sad girls do not speak. Leaning on the door, looking from afar, thinking nothing"... However, in the two Rhymes paintings, there is the innocence of childhood and innocence with life. The brush strokes and lacquer layers in Vietnamese paintings by HT Phuc are very soft but intense, very vivid but extremely deep…

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