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artist dang hiep

Artist Dang Hiep was born in 1988 in Ba Vi District, Hanoi, Vietnam. Dang Hiep is a young and talented artist in Vietnamese Fine Arts. He graduated from the Vietnam Fine Arts University in 2008 and soon showed his passion for village-themed oil paintings. Admiring his artwork, the audiences can see the depth of the multi-layered space. Dang Hiep is loyal to the realistic style, adhering to the strict principles of shape and composition, colors, and light. His artworks reach the emotional depth, in the language of gentle shaping, serene and noiseless, ostentatious.

Exhibitions & Art Events

    • 2018: Exhibition “Spring Collection” at Hanoi Studio Gallery
    • 2019: International Art Exhibition & Workshop “Hanoi Art Connecting 4”
    • 2019: International Fine Arts Exhibition “Art and Culture Exchange” in Hanoi
    • 2019: International Exhibition at La Luna Gallery in Chiang Mai, Thailand
    • 2019: Group Exhibition “A Glimpse of Indochina” in Hanoi
    • 2020: Honor award from the Vietnam Fine Arts Association
    • 2020: Exhibition “New Day Returns” at Hanoi Studio Gallery

Highlight Artworks of Dang Hiep