Artist Bui Duc | Artworks & Career

Artist - Chu Viet Cuong

Artist Bui Duc was born in 1968, in an ordinary family as his father is an accountant and his mother is a doctor. Bui Duc is a master of lacquer material. He did graduate his education at Vietnam Fine Art University in 2003. In 2007, he took the honor to be a representative of all artists from Northern Vietnam to participate in the International Fine Art Exhibition in Singapore.

Exhibitions & Art Events

    • 2007: International Fine Art Exhibition in Singapore
    • 2008: “Phia Sau La Nui” – “The Mountain Behind” Exhibition
    • 2010: “Me Au Co” – “Au Co Mother” Exhibition
    •  2020: “Carelessness” – The Sculpture Exhibition – Carefreeness

Highlight Artworks of Bui Duc

Bui Duc

Size: 44cm*80cm | 17.3 inches*31.5 inches
Material: Wood

Wooden Portrait 10