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Nguyen Art Gallery is an Art Gallery for original and quality Vietnamese paintings.
Nguyen Art Gallery is one of the Top 10 Best Fine Art Galleries in Hanoi. The name Nguyen Art means “Original Art”. The Gallery’s objective is promoting quality arts from Vietnamese artists. Almost artworks in our Gallery are oil on canvas paintings and lacquer paintings. The Gallery focuses on emerging Vietnamese artworks. Their works express and communicate the imaginative aspects of their culture and reflect concerns that range broadly from the spiritual and aesthetic to the social and political.
Nguyen Art Gallery carries paintings using many traditional Vietnamese materials; these include lacquer painting, charcoal painting, and watercolor painting on “Do” paper; as well as painting using such popular materials such as oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas.

These contemporary artworks are showcased in Nguyen Art Gallery which welcomes local access and also allows visitors from all over the world to cross the globe virtually and increase their understanding of quality art from Vietnam. Our Hanoian Gallery love to show you many artworks from the young talent and famous Vietnamese artists. Since it first opened in 2006, the Gallery has always looked for and found new faces in Vietnamese art and regularly supports them. The Gallery also holds regular exhibitions for young artists as well as the already well-known ones at its venue.
The artworks may be purchased directly from the Gallery in Hanoi or they may be viewed and ordered on the website and we will ship the artwork worldwide.

We hope you enjoy our collection of Vietnamese artworks and paintings.

One of the Best Art Galleries in Vietnam

We ship Vietnamese paintings and artworks all over the world

We Ship Artworks All Over The World

Free Shipping Vietnamese Artworks & Paintings Worldwide

Organize painting and artwork exhibitions

Organize Art Exhibition

Nguyen Art Gallery usually organizes art exhibition every month. We change artworks for show regularly at our gallery.

Happy customers with the famous Vietnamese paintings

Happy Customer

All of our customers are happy with our artworks & services.
Make your house living & soulful with many paintings & artworks from Nguyen Art Gallery

Highlight Vietnamese Artworks & Paintings


Nguyen Tan Phat

Hide and seek

Ton That Minh Nhat

The Faces V

Mai Huy Dung

Portrait 27

Mai Huy Dung

Portrait 37

Mai Huy Dung


Mai Huy Dung

Portrait 34

Dang Dinh Ngo

Lotus II

Hoang Phuc Quy

Young Lady


Nguyen Tuan Cuong

Old Bowl 26

Famous Emerging Vietnamese Artists

Our Customers Feedbacks

Clients of Nguyen Art Gallery 1

Feedback of Mr. Chavain

Dear Mr. Henry Le,

Thank you for your painting which I received in the last week. Actually, it’s more beautiful than what I see on the website. I really like the color scheme and the brush strokes of the artist. Actually, I was a bit nervous when buying pictures online but with Nguyen Art, I absolutely believe, the quality of the paintings, the artist's signature, shipping, everything is great. Please send my thanks to Mr. Luong Trung for the great artwork. Fortunately, I will come to Vietnam in the next year. If I have time, of course I will visit your gallery. Hope to see you soon!

Many thanks,

Customer feed backs, Nguyen Art Gallery

Feedback of Mr. Ahmad M. Al - Ashram

Nguyen Art gallery really deserves to be in the top 5 Gallery in Hanoi. We have visited a lot of galleries in Hanoi, but Nguyen Art Gallery is the last one. It was very beautiful. The artworks here are very unique, and we really loved it. Especially, we love "Portrait 29"  by Artist Mai Huy Dung and the story behind as well as the delicacy depicted in the artwork.

Once again, I want to give my appreciation to all of you!



Client 1 of Nguyen Art Gallery

Feedback of Mr. Stephen

Dear Ms. Sienna,

Sorry for my late reply. We have received the painting that we have seen in the website. It was really beautiful!
Firstly, we quite worried about the shipping as well as the painting's quality. Fortunately, it was fine. The painting was packed carefully and delivered on time. We also received both the sign of the Artist and the Director of the gallery.

We hung it in the middle of the living room. It’s so great and makes our living room cozier. Thuy, my wife said that the painting has brought the soul of Hanoi to USA :))
Once again thank Nguyen Art Gallery for this wonderful picture!


Unique Artworks & Home Decor Designed by the Gallery Owner

Home is where the heart is, but home décor is how the heart is revealed!

Mr. Henry Le - the owner of Nguyen Art Gallery believes in unique as one of the major elements of artworks. With this idea, all of his enthusiasm can be customized to create truly individual and distinctive sections that stand out from the crowd.

See Creative Ideas of Mr. Henry Le!

Obtain These Incredible Artworks at Nguyen Art Gallery or Amazon (US & CA)

Nguyen Art Gallery Owner Artworks - 4 Stems Wine Glass Holder

4-Stem Wine Glass Holder

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Nguyen Art Gallery Owner Artworks - Guitar Shape Wine Bottle Holder

Guitar-Shape Wine Bottle Holder

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Nguyen Art Gallery Owner Artworks - 2 Stems Wine Glass Holder

2-Stem Wine Glass Holder

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Nguyen Art Gallery Owner Artworks - Fish Shape Wine Bottle Holder

Fish-Shape Wine Bottle Holder

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Nguyen Art Gallery Owner Artworks - 3 Stems Wine Glass Holder

3-Stem Wine Glass Holder

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Nguyen Art Gallery Owner Artworks - 2 Stems Ellipse Wine Glass Holder

2-Stem Ellipse Wine Glass Holder

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