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Vietnam Sand Painting – The New Wind of Vietnamese Artworks

Vietnamese Sand Painting and Art

In Vietnam, it has been about more than a decade since sand painting – a new type of art appeared but it showed a relentless advance through special works of sand painting made by Vietnamese artists. What is sand painting? Sand painting is known as the art of pouring colored sands and powdered pigments from […]

Vietnamese Embroidery Art – Quintessence of Vietnamese Paintings

The History of Embroidery Art in Vietnam In Vietnam, embroidered painting is considered as a long-standing handicraft. In the early 17th century, the embroidery marked the first turning point in the history of formation and development. Mr. Le Cong Hanh (1606 – 1961) learned this form of art from China. Then he combined experience and […]

History of Vietnamese Fine Art

Dong Ho Paintings

Vietnamese Fine Art has evolved over time, inextricably linked with the national culture and society. The masterpieces through historical periods have fairly reflected the features and characteristics of the country. What is fine art? Fine art is one of the art forms which is considered the creative art, especially visual art. It is created primarily […]

Vu Cao Dam – Talented Vietnamese Artist | Life & Career

Girl with flowers by VU Caop Dam

Vu Cao Dam who was an outstandingly talented artist in Contemporary Vietnamese Sculpture left the world great artworks. He was born in 1908 in Vietnam and died in 2000 in France. He had many valuable paintings and sculptures hunted at international auctions. Full name: Vu Cao Dam Born in 1908 in Vu Ban district, Nam […]

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Artist Nguyen Tu Nghiem passed away

According to an announcement of Vietnam Fine Arts Association, Nguyen Tu Nghiem, a veteran Vietnamese artist passed away, at the age of 94, on 15th June 2016. The artist was born in Nghe An province, located in the center of Vietnam and graduated from Indochina Fine Arts College (1941-1946). He was famous for painting lacquer, […]

Vietnam Transportation

Vietnam Travel by rickshaw

Traveling to Vietnam now is freaking easy and convenient. Tourists see a wide selection to go around Vietnam such as planes, public vehicles or private cars. Below is the basic transportation in brief that may be informative for you to your Vietnam vacation easier. Getting to Vietnam By flight Vietnam is the destination that flights […]

Lacquer painting exhibition: “Uncle Ho with Thai Nguyen “

Lacquer painting exhibition: “Uncle Ho with Thai Nguyen “

Opening: 16th February, 2016 Location: Historical and ecological site ATK, Dinh Hoa, Thai Nguyen The exhibition will display 115 pictures and lacquer on wood paintings to introduce the activities of President Ho Chi Minh in the safe zone ATK Viet Bac- Thai Nguyen in the Anti- French Resistance War, showing the great respect of the […]

Tết Art 2016 – Vietnam’s Leading Contemporary Art Fair

22 – 31 Jan 2016, 9 am – 8 pm Hanoi Creative City No. 1, Luong Yen, Ha Noi From the organizer: Come to join TẾT ART 2016 – “A.poth.e.o.sis” – Vietnam’s Leading Contemporary Art Fair. Continuing the success of TET ART 2015, TET ART proudly presents TET ART 2016, a historical art happening that […]