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artist Nguyen Anh Duong + Nguyen Anh Duong is a member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association + He is also a member of Fine Arts Association in Hue + Lecture in field of pedagogy at Hue University - College of Art


+ 2003: Graduated from Hue University College of Arts + 2012: Graduated from Thailand Mahasarakham University - College of Arts

Exhibitions & Art Evens

+ 2014: - Group exhibition "May" in Hue - Fine Arts Exhibition - Photography in Hue - Exhibition “Mekong Art - 3” in Thailand - Exhibition "Lotus Season" in Hue + 2015: Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition + 2016: - Oil Painting Workshop - MTVN Association - Exhibition "Beyond the Boundary" with Thai artists - Exhibition "Lotus Season" - in Hue - Exhibition "Come back" - Exhibition "Mindfulness" - An exhibition of 15 years of Trinh Cong Son's memory - Painting performance at Poetry Festival "Steps" - Annual exhibition of Hue Fine Arts Association + 2017: - Exhibition "Hue in spring" in Hue - Exhibition "Southern Central Region and Central Highlands" in Quy Nhon - Exhibition "Sac thu" in Hue + 2018: - Hue Fine Arts Exhibition, Hue Fine Arts Association - Exhibition "Pacific Rim" - Exhibition "Going to the periphery 2" - Workshop "Thanh Ha Pottery Festival" Hoi An - Exhibition of North Central Coast in Ha Tinh - Exhibition "Sac thu 2" in Hue - Exhibition "Coming to the Perfume River" in Hue - Exhibition "April gently" in Hue - Exhibition "Come back" in Hue - Exhibition "Connecting colors" in Hue - Exhibition "Connecting Hai Van Quan" in Da Nang - Exhibition "A Glimpse of Tam Giang" in Hue + 2019: - North Central Area Exhibition in Vinh - Nghe An - Exhibition "Sac thu 3" in Hue - Exhibition "On Mother's Side" - Exhibition "Buddhism and the environment" - Young Fine Arts Exhibition - Hue - Exhibition "The 10-year mark - Dominiart"

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