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Sunset in Hanoi Street Corner


Painting: Sunset in Hanoi Street Corner
Artist: Pham Hoang Minh
Custumer: Jonathan Galligan
Nationality: Hong Kong
Date: 09/10/2016

Jonathan and his wife fell in love with Sunset in Hanoi Street Corner at first sight. The material of the painting is oil on canvas. Only 1 week, they received the painting safe and soul and now, the painting is in Hong Kong with their family.

Waitting For Work


Painting: Waitting For Work
Artist: Luong Trung
Custumer: Yanis Loggia
Nationality: France
Date: 17/11/2016

With humor viewpoint about life and successful exposition in artwork, Luong Trung Artist has really enriched Mr.Yanish’s House with “Waiting for Work“. Material of painting is Oi on canvas, in famous series “Life Story”

Old Bolw 12

Old Object 12

Painting: Old Bowl 12
Artist: Nguyen Tuan Cuong
Custumer: Miller Todd
Nationality: United States
Date: 30/12/2016

Artwork does not only show artist’s skill, It also tell about story of culture of country. This is about the “Old Bowl 12” was bought by Miller Todd. This bolw contains a history of Vietnam, with ancient and delicate textures and drawings of Nguyen Tuan Cuong artist.

Old Object III


Painting: Old Objects III
Artist: Nguyen Tuan Cuong
Custumer: Graham Stuart
Nationality: United Kingdom
Date: 02/01/2017

With lacquerskill and unique ideal of Nguyen Tuan Cuong, art work “Old Object III” had captured all of emotion at first sight. The Painting was ship to their house safly and becomes a part of it now.

Maiden and Two Heads


Painting: Maiden and Two Heads
Artist: Vu Tuan Dung
Custumer: Graham Stuart
Nationality: United Kingdom
Date: 02/01/2017

Maiden and Two Heads is a two paintings of famous artist – Vu Tuan Dung. With Vietnamese lacquer and rustic stroke, Vu Tuan Dung was successful showing simplicity of countryside with the moon, people, and some animals like crab, rooster, springer cow.

Portrait 29

Portrait 29 (1)

Painting: Portrait 29
Artist: Mai Huy Dung
Custumer: Ahmad M. Al-Ahsram
Nationality: U.A.E
Date: 15/02/2017

The painting P.29 which is one of the works in the album “Frontier Area” of artist Mai Huy Dung has followed Mr. Ahmad to U.A.E. Rustic and casual, the people in border areas have a joyful life.

Still Life 04

Still life 04

Painting: Still life 04
Artist: Le Huong
Custumer: Inmaculada Esparza
Nationality: Spain
Date: 19/02/2017

Banana Flower

Banana Flower

Painting: Banana Flower
Artist: Do Cong Son
Custumer: Mr. Joel Fishman E, M.D.
Nationality: US
Date: 23/02/2017

Lady 07


Painting : Lady 07
Artist: Le Huong
Custumer: Mr.Raymond JM Sweeney
Nationality: Australia
Date: 02/04/2017

4 Seasons


Painting: 4 Seasons
Artist: Do Hiep

Custumer: Mr.Christopher
Nationality: US

Date: 15/04/2017